Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing Questions

Are the materials and labor included in the quoted price?

The labor, materials, and misc. related items are included in all of our proposals unless otherwise mentioned. With that being said, we have certain distributors that your selections would be made from. These distributors deal strictly with pool quality pebble finishes, tiles, coping, bricks, and travertine. We ask all of our customers to choose material from these distributors to ensure the materials being used are durable to sunlight and pool chemicals.

Can I keep my waterline tile?

In many cases a pool waterline and cantilever tile may be in good shape. In this event you have the option to keep the tile. If you choose to keep existing tiles we cut under the existing tile inorder to create a separation between the tiles and the old surface of the pool. Once the separation is made we can chip the old surface without damaging existing tiles. It is always better if you have a few replacement tiles just in case we find damaged tiles once in the pool.

How much does a basic resurface cost? (Keep Current Waterline Tile)

Pool resurfacing pricing varies widely depending on size of the pool and surface material choice. In the pool industry around Sarasota County the average pool size is between 750 and 850 sq/ft (10,000 to 12,000 gallons). For a pebble pool resurfacing (Level 1) the cost could range between $6,000 and $7,000.

Project Planning Questions

Can you give us the crew with experienced guys on it?

Our crews are the best of the best from the Sarasota/Manatee area. We run our business understanding this, it is never a good idea to hire and train when it comes to skilled labor. We hire professionals that we hold accountable to quality inspections at each stage of the process. Your pool is not a practice zone for new employees, it is a place for professionals to create the pool of your dreams.

I like my step tile, can I keep it?

Your current step tile can not be kept when doing a pool resurfacing. We can lay new step tiles but we can not keep your existing step tile.

Is now a good time to fix my pool equipment?

The pool filtration system needs to be in running condition when we fill the pool with water. It is essential that during the “start up” period the pool water is being filtered. It would be a great time to explore pool equipment upgrades while doing a pool renovation. These upgrades can be things such as variable speed pumps, filters, pool/spa automation, salt systems, heaters, heat pumps, and bypass systems. We do recommend for pools with gas heaters that we install a bypass system in order to not run acidic water through the heater during the start up process. This will protect your heater and eliminate the risk of any copper staining on the new pebble finish.

Should I convert to a salt water pool as part of the renovation?

Salt water pools operate by converting salt water into chlorine through an electrical process which takes place in a Salt Cell. The benefit of this is that you can set a percentage output of chlorine. You eliminate any chlorine spikes you would get by adding liquid chlorine. This is better quality water for the equipment, surface, and most of all the swimmers. Seldom do we hear people regret converting to saltwater. It is important to note the salt can not be added to the new finish for 6 weeks after the pool is filled.

My pool light is old, should I replace it while the pool is drained?

If the pool light is what we call “new style” (example: Hayward 580, Pentair, or Jandy) you can keep the light as long as it works. The pool light is the one piece of equipment that ideally should be handled when we renovate a pool. If the light is “old style” (example: Hayward 570) we would want to get you a fixture that mounts to the “new style” mud ring. The mud ring is the most important light piece we need to replace when doing renovations. This is the bracket that the light mounts to and is set in the finish of the pool. Not changing this to a “new style” bracket will cause you to have to drain the pool and cut into the new finish to replace when your current “old style” light breaks.

Can I install a handrail?

Absolutely! We can install any handrail that you like. We offer stainless steel or colored handrails. The installation involves core drilling into the existing deck to create cut outs to set our anchors in new cement. The handrail slides into these anchors. We do not recommend ever installing a handrail with any other installation method.

Material Selection Questions

Where do I pick out my pool pebble finish?

Often homeowners will choose pebble finish from the display boards we bring out to all of our proposal appointments. There are so many choices and questions surrounding pebble finishes that we usually like to walk customers through the process. The most important factor is the water color. We can provide pictures and examples of each surface choice to help you in choosing the right option for you. If you are wanting to get fancy with the finish you can view many more options at the following location showroom.Show Room - Superior Pool Products - 2910 63rd Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34203 -

Where do I pick out my pool tile?

Swimming pool tile has to be a certain quality tile that is resistant to sun damage and pool chemicals. For this reason we make sure all our customers choose tile from LUV Tile. This is a local company offering the widest selection of pool tiles. There is an online catalog as well as a showroom. Show Room - LUV Tile - 1763 Apex Rd, Sarasota, FL 34240 -

Where do I pick out my coping?

There are many different colors and manufacturers of coping. The most important factor in choosing your coping is to make sure it is the right style of coping. There is standard bullnose, 2.5 inch remodel coping, and 4 inch remodel coping. If you like a certain coping color and want to confirm it will work with your project we are available to help you in your choice. You can view coping at the following distribution centers. Show Room - Superior Pool Products - 2910 63rd Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34203 - Show Room - Oldcastle Coastal - 2200 12th St, Sarasota, FL 34237 - Show Room - Stone Mart (Premium Choices) - 2007 51st St, Sarasota, FL 34234 -

Where do I pick out my paver or travertine?

Travertine can be found at two distribution centers in the area. Travertine and marble can vary widely in pricing. To see what range would fall under the proposal price provided please reach out to us. You can view travertine options at the following distribution centers. Show Room - Superior Pool Products - 2910 63rd Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34203 - Show Room - Stone Mart (Premium Choices) - 2007 51st St, Sarasota, FL 34234 -

Basic Questions

How long does the construction take?

The time each project takes can vary widely. The following gives you an idea of length to completion based on what we are doing on a construction project. Basic Pool Resurface: A basic pool resurfacing takes about 5 days to complete all construction. This consists of 1-2 days of preparation work and 1 day of laying the new pebble finish. Pool Resurface and Tile Replacement (Average Size): 7 Days Pool Resurface, Tile Replacement, and Deck Renovation: 14 - 21 DaysShow Room - Superior Pool Products - 2910 63rd Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34203 -

Will you be bringing heavy equipment into my back yard?

For 95 percent of renovations we do not bring heavy equipment into the backyard. If we have excavation to do then we will bring heavy equipment into the back to dig out the area. An example of this would be if you wanted to add a paver patio on the current grass area.

Water Question

Does the homeowner have to drain down the pool before we start?

The homeowner will not need to drain down the pool before we start. When we get to the property the first thing we do is drain the pool. In order to drain the pool we use an external pump called a trash pump. A trash pump is a gasoline powered pump that can typically drain an entire pool in less than 1 hour.

Are there any risks in draining a swimming pool?

When renovating a pool it is necessary to drain the pool. There are some risks in draining a pool that industry professionals take precautions against. Do not allow anyone who is not a professional to drain your pool. In Florida the water table is high. This high water table can turn your pool into a boat as it floats out of the ground. We have a list of precautions we take when draining a pool which include drilling relief holes in the pool shell, pulling the hydrostatic relief plug (ground water plug), and hooking up pumps to keep water out from under the pool. Stand Out Pools also carries liability policies that include an extra “pool pop” coverage. When draining a pool it is important to make sure the company you hire is a licensed pool contractor with proper insurance coverages

Where do we drain the water when we start the project?

When draining a swimming pool for a pool renovation we run our drain hoses to the street. There are rare occasions where we can not reach the street with our hoses. In any event we make sure to dechlorinate the pool water before draining the pool.

When is the pool filled up?

After the pebble finish is laid the crew will immediately start filling the pool. We want to make sure the new pebble pool surface is hydrated as soon as possible.

How do we fill the swimming pool?

The swimming pool is filled with the main water supply to the house. Typically this is city or county water. Most pools will take between 18 - 36 hours to fill. If you are concerned about the pool overflowing while sleeping you can turn the spigot for decreased pressure to ensure a slow and continual fill rate.

What are the risks of filling the pool with well water?

We do not recommend filling your pool with well water. If we have to fill the newly renovated pool with well water we get a hose filter to help cut down on possible particles that can stain the surface. Once the pool is filled with well water it will look very dark and dirty. Over the course of a few weeks this will continually improve until you are left with crystal clear water. We always recommend ordering a water delivery service when a property is on well water. The cost of a water truck can range between $400 and $550 per 5,000 gallons.

If I fill the pool with house water will it be expensive?

Homeowners are frequently concerned about how much filling an entire pool will cost them. I can assure you the cost is not as high as you may think. The cost to fill an average size swimming pool is around $150 - $200.

Will I get a water letter to try to get a partial discount on fill water?

If your pool renovation is being done in order to correct a leak issue the county will give you the sewage portion of the water bill as a credit. If your pool renovation is a corrective action for a leak we can write you a letter to submit to the county with the paid invoice for the work that was done. In return they should credit you back a portion of the water bill.

After Fill Questions

After the pool is filled can I go in?

Once the pool is filled the next step for our team is to do what we call a “start up”. Included with your pool renovation will be 3 visits in which we perform a list of tasks. The start up includes getting equipment running, making sure time schedules are set prosperity, cleaning filters, adding proper chemicals, brushing down new pebble finish, putting in new return fittings, and cleaning up the job site. After the start up week is complete then you may go in your beautiful renovated pool.

Do you want us to turn on the equipment once the pool is filled?

We ask the homeowners to allow us to take care of turning on the pool equipment. There are a number of things we check before turning on the pool equipment.

The water looks green after filling, is this the color it will always be?

When a pool is filled with water, whether county or well, the water appears green. The true water color and surface will not be proper color until after the 3 visits. Do not be alarmed if the water color is not what you signed up for. We will make sure it looks beautiful with proper pool chemicals and brushing.

What happened to the return fitting eyeballs?

During a pool renovation we always recommend changing the 1022 return fitting while we are already doing construction to the pool. This ensures that all glue joints are fresh behind the new pool plaster. When a 1022 is changed you will not have a eyeball fitting in the new 1022. During the start up week we will bring new eyeball fittings to match your new 1022 fittings.

There are light and dark patches on my pigmented surface, is something wrong?

Pigmented pebble finishes are pool finishes with dye mixed into the finish. The pigment changes the background of the pebbles to blue, gray, or tan background. Due to the darker finishes it takes a few visits to get the finish to blend and become consistent in color. This is typical and can be expected to look its best after our start up procedure is complete.

What is the proper care for a new pebble finish?

Please view our blog article on caring for a new pebble finish.

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