Pool Upgrade/Repair

Owning a pool can be a great experience, but now and then, pool models can get stale and get one thinking about some much-needed renovations. That’s where Stand Out Pools comes into play with not only some ideas but some much-needed services for all your pool renovation needs

Pool Motors

Just because your pump motor has burned out doesn’t always mean you need a new pool pump. If your pool pump is still in good shape, the best option is to replace the motor.

Complete Pool Pumps

Your pool pump is the heart of your pool’s circulation system. It is important to have the right-sized pump for the size and features of your pool. If your pump bites the dust, then we can replace it with a similar pump or talk about installing one of our energy-efficient variable-speed pumps.


When it comes to algae, following proper water chemistry, the next line of defense is the proper-sized filter. The filter should be sized according to your pool size and your pump rating.Occasionally with age, filters crack. Because filters operate under pressure, you can not patch a filter. Replacing your filter is the best option at that point unless the crack is located on the lid. In most cases, if the crack is on the lid, then only the lid needs to be replaced.


A pool timer allows you to turn your pool filter on and off at specific times, automatically. Pool timers can save you money by reducing electrical usage.


Automation is a great option for people who want to control their pool with the push of a button. Investing in an automation system will give you the ability to control the time, schedules, heat, valve positioning, and features all in one unit.


We can take care of any heater installation that you may need. Whether you are wanting an electric heat pump or a gas heater, we are the company to get it done with quality and value.

Salt Generators

Thinking about converting your chlorine pool into a salt pool? These systems take salt and gradually convert that salt into chlorine. This method of sanitizing your pool is beneficial because it keeps the level of chlorine low and consistent. Salt generators make your pool water more gentle for you, your equipment, and your pool surface.

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