Are you excited about diving into a crystal-clear pool? Stand Out Pools, your go-to pool contractor in Sarasota, FL, is here to ensure your swimming pool remains in top-notch condition. With a decade of experience, we specialize in addressing pool issues, offering reliable solutions to keep your oasis pristine. Discover how we stand out in the world of pool resurfacing! 

See our Gallery of projects to get an idea of what you want to have done with your pool. Keep in mind, pigmented pool finishes are typically harder to keep looking good. There are a few factors that contribute to this. The first is that scale is white and on the darker finishes it tends to show up. Secondly, the coloration to the finish can become discolored due to bad chemistry. Both of these issues are not as present with the non pigmented pools such as Aqua Cool Mini and Salt and Pepper.

Pool Remodel with Resurface in Caribbean Blue
Aqua Cool Mini StoneScapes Pebble Finish.

Understanding Pool Resurfacing

Are you curious about the secrets behind maintaining a stunning pool surface? Pool enthusiasts often master water maintenance but face challenges with the pool’s physical structure. At Stand Out Pools, we take pride in assisting you with repairs, cleaning, and essential resurfacing work. Let’s dive into the details of pool resurfacing:

  • Damage Causes: Prolonged sun exposure, chemical misuse, and low calcium levels can harm your pool. We identify the root cause and address it during the resurfacing process.
  • Comprehensive Resurfacing: Our service involves a eight-step process:
  1. Drain down swimming pool .
  2. Remove damaged material.
  3. Replace return fittings.
  4. Acid wash pool surface.
  5. Apply bonding agent.
  6. Apply a new finish.
  7. Perform acid washing for a pristine surface.
  8. Follow up with three complimentary pool service visits.