Pool Resurfacing

Hey Floridians! Are you enjoying some fun in the sun in your backyard pool, but need some help on repairs or cleaning? Well, we have you covered.

A lot of pool enthusiasts love their pools and know how to do the basics in terms of water maintenance and cleanliness. Handling the physical structure of the pool itself can be more challenging. Fortunately, we here at Stand Out Pools want to help you take care of your pool if you have anything broken or damaged. You might even need some resurfacing work done on it.

There are many ways your pool could get damaged, including sun exposure, misuse of chemicals, deficient calcium levels in the water, and many more. The best service we can provide you is thorough resurfacing, which involves 1) removing all damaged material, 2) applying a new finish, and 3) acid washing the surface of the pool.

We think you should be aware of two material types when you go about this kind of project. You can resurface your pool with either Plaster or Fiberglass. Fiberglass is the more expensive/premium option that should last longer and resist chemicals better. Plaster is more economical, and easier for a DIY approach, but may react with the pool chemicals you use to fight algae. This means you would have to use other additives to counter that problem in a plaster-based pool.

Stand Out Pools is more than happy to help you with all this and more. Not only do we offer repair/upgrade services (which include pump motors, pool pumps, filters, timers, heaters, salter generators, etc.), but we also specialize in cleaning, renovations, and power washing. Yes, we’ll power wash your pool AND your deck/patio!

Check out what this satisfied customer had to say about the service she got from us:

“Extremely responsive!
Derek came out almost immediately and was knowledgeable and thorough in explaining things about my system to me.
They started my pool service the following week.
I had questions after that first service and Derek got back to me by phone AND email to make sure he answered all my queries – I’m impressed!
So far, so good…

– Dawn S

If you would like to see what we can do to enhance your swimming pool experience, give us a call at 941-201-1170, or contact us on the web.

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