What to Consider Before Pool Renovation

As we make our way through the latter half of winter and crawl towards spring, the warm weather conjures up images of fun in the sun and the always enjoyable pool party. Then reality hits you—your pool is a bit outdated and could use a makeover. But before you go draining water and putting an order in for that Spanish tile, there are a few things you should know before undergoing such an endeavor. People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan, and Stand Out Pools believe in the three P’s of proper pool planning. We’ve composed a guide that will save you from some potential headaches.

Make a Budget

One of the largest challenges that many people face today is living within their means. When it comes to any major purchase, be it a car, house, or in this case a pool renovation, staying within the confines of a budget is the most important aspect of the process. On average, you’ll be spending close to $10,000, and the final cost is dictated by much work you want done. By setting a proper budget beforehand, you can easily plan out the job to the last detail.

Find the Perfect Picture

While you might have an image in your head of what the ideal pool looks like, looking through pictures of various swimming pools will give you a clear idea of what you would like done and what will look best in your yard. It’s also important to remember that certain pools are more ideal than others as far as achieving the ideal aesthetic is concerned. Look, be patient, and choose wisely.

Itemize and Calculate the Cost

It’s important not to rush when it comes to pool renovation. It’s not a race, and shouldn’t be treated as such. Spend a good 2-3 moths itemizing all the items that will be involved. Take a considerable amount of time and see which materials are good, which ones are cheap, and which ones are just a little bit TOO cheap. You don’t want to overstretch your budget, but you also don’t want to settle for poor quality.

Choosing a Contractor

With an itemized list of what’s needed and a ballpark figure of what the cost might be, it’s time to find the right person for the job. This can be a tricky process. Ask to see references, a portfolio, and consult with customer reviews if possible. Some negative reviews are bound to happen with any business, but if there are more negative than positive, that’s usually a red flag.

Standing Out with Stand Out Pools

At Stand Out Pools, we believe in living up to our name and holding ourselves to the highest standards of quality. We understand how important it is for a pool to be unique, and we’ll make sure your visions are fully realized. For a free quote and some examples of our work, swim on over to https://standoutpools.com/.

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