Phosphate Treatment for your Chlorine Pool

Own a swimming pool? Is the water heating up or are you struggling to keep chlorine in your pool? Check your stabilizer levels to be sure your water is between 50 and 80 ppm. If your levels are within this range and you’re still struggling with keeping chlorine in your pool, you may have a phosphate problem. For more information about phosphate treatments for your chlorine pool, continue on.

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Phosphates are organic materials that naturally occur in pool water. Phosphates come from everything from lawn fertilizer to dead leaves. Lower levels of phosphates are completely normal and safe to have in your pool water, but higher levels can cause algae to grow in your pool. You’ll know algae has grown in your pool water when the water turns green and cloudy.

Phosphate treatments are designed to remove phosphates from your pool water. These treatments usually include ingredients like aluminum or lanthanum, which produce insoluble phosphate compounds when added to water. Once these compounds form in your pool, they can be removed with filtration, vacuuming, or both. While phosphate treatments are simple, they require specific chemicals and tools. Consider contacting a professional who is equipped to perform phosphate treatments to help you care for your pool.

While not all phosphates are bad, too many phosphates can cause problems with your pool water. If you feel as though your pool could benefit from phosphate treatment, get in touch with Stand Out Pools. We offer pool cleaning and repair services, so contact us for a free estimate at 941-201-1170.

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